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Certified Crawl Space Repair

Crawl spaces in many older homes may need additional supports due to loss of structural integrity. We re-level as much as conditions allow, add additional support to increase the support and bearing as needed. We can add additional beams and supports to reduce the span of aging or deteriorated floors to lift and stabilize. We often replace or repair damaged beams, joists, or subfloor before releveling.

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Crawl Space Ventilation Installation

This is often required on homes with excessive moisture or homes with the original ventilation openings that have been blocked by plants, dirt, or additions. Our system pulls the moisture out from under your feet and reduces the intrusion into your living area, reducing wood decay, and mold. We often add vapor barriers and/or forced air ventilation to improve the longevity of your home while improving the health and air quality for you and your family.

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 Crawl Space Inspections

Often damage can occur without being noticed inside the home. One beam can be damaged and not have an immediate effect on the structure. When this happens, over time it will cause structures to be under strain resulting in damage or settlement. This sometimes requiring rebuilding, adding, or releveling the support piers.

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Our Vapor Barriers

Stand the Test of Time!

Homes with excessive moisture in the crawl space often will require a waterproof barrier be added on top of the soil to isolate the moisture from the air. When it is required, we use a high quality 10ml reinforced product that is built to last.

Solutions That Last

We are here to provide you with proper structural and crawl space solutions and to give you the assurance that we have your investment in mind when doing your repairs. We offer professional techniques and always aim to give you a service that will last for years to come. All jobs are owner-supervised. We are licensed and insured, and our state license is #CGC019758. We look forward to servicing your needs.

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Dolezar general contractors

About Dolezar Construction

We are a general contractor business that specializes in structural repairs and foundation restoration to homes with a crawl space. We have been servicing the public since 1960. My father founded the business to provide a much-needed service to this area, and we are proud to still be performing the many services we provide. We offer our services to both residential and commercial businesses in Central Florida.

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Foundation Repair

At Dolezar Construction, we are a family-owned and operated general contractor company and have over 40 years of experience in foundation repair. Our goal is to add framing and supports to create a foundation better than the original. All jobs are supervised by the owner, and most repairs are done in one day! Yes, that is correct, one day!

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We Handle The Cleanup

You don't have to question if we will be coming in with huge backhoes, digging, and destroying your property while we do our repairs. We leave your property cleaner than before we started every time. Contact us today to hire us for your next project today.

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 Rotten Wood Repair

Are you experiencing problems from aged and rotten wood? Is it time to update an old construction? Dolezar Constructions specializes in Rotten wood repair and reconstruction. We can reinforce aging or dangerous wood structures, bringing new life to your home.

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We are now specializing in crawl space repairs

We can fix signs of a problem, drywall crack in the interior, uneven or sagging floors, doors that stick or won't close, gaps under the baseboards, or excess moisture and mold in the crawl space.

Some of the  causes of those problems include natural aging, sagging and lose of structural integrity of wood, erosion under supports cause by water or animals, damaged beams, joists or subfloor from water or termites, ground shrinkage or settling over time, or excess moisture.

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We are happy to offer a free consultation if you are having problems with your crawl space or other structural problems that Dolezar Construction handles. You may call us at 407-905-9092 or complete the form below. We will be in touch with you shortly.

Crawl Space

Repair FAQs

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  • Why should I pick Dolezar Construction?

    At Dolezar Construction, we offer some of the best crawl space repair services in all of Central Florida. We go above and beyond to provide you with the best crawl space repair services in the area, and our amazing results show that we're serious about the work we put in. Our team offers crawl space repair solutions at a competitive rate, meaning you're getting the best service at an even better price every single time. Every single member of our crawl space repair team is highly trained with years of experience to make sure you get the best outcome possible.

    If you need crawl space repair services in Central Florida, look no further than Dolezar Construction. Give us a call today at 407-905-9092 for a service quote.

  • What's the best way to contact you?

    We recommend contacting us by giving us a call at 407-905-9092 or using our on-site contact us form. When you get in touch with us, we'll reply back as soon as possible to your questions.

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